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Yoga On The Rocks Details

Colorado yoga yogis will have the opportunity to practice downward dog at one of America's premier music venues every Saturday morning this summer. Just bring along your mat, filled water bottle and post-vinyasa snacks.

Nothing beats the breathtaking views and peaceful energy of Yoga on the Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater - where over 2000 yogis come together each weekend for one-hour of practice!

Additional Yoga On The Rocks Info

Yoga on the Rocks

Yoga on the Rocks

Yogis and yoginis of all ages and levels are welcome at Yoga on the Rocks, and many participants choose to continue their mindful journey after class by hiking through or strolling around the amphitheater.

Every summer Saturday evening, this iconic concert venue with stunning natural acoustics transforms into an outdoor wellness studio for one hour - be sure to bring a towel, water bottle and post-vinyasa snacks for maximum benefit!

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks is home to some of the world's premier musicians who enjoy its natural beauty and acoustics, drawing them here for unforgettable concerts. Aside from music performances, Red Rocks hosts film screenings, Easter sunrise services, as well as daily workout classes where visitors climb its steps (first built under New Deal projects).

Red Rocks concerts bring an energetic buzz. Concertgoers often form bonds over shared appreciation of live music. Document your experience on social media so that others may appreciate this natural amphitheater too!

Hikers, runners and outdoor exercise enthusiasts all flock to this park for its breathtaking vistas and unique geological formations. Attractions such as Ship Rock and Creation Rock provide an amazing concert experience through their incredible acoustics.


Summer sun can bring many benefits for yoga practice, including increased serotonin and vitamin D levels as well as sweating for detoxification purposes.

Colder weather can be challenging for many people, but yoga offers an effective solution to combat its symptoms. Yoga exercises help warm up muscles and joints for increased energy; plus its deep breathing exercises will clear your sinuses while strengthening immunity.

If yoga feels daunting to you in wintertime, consider starting small. Find a class at an appropriate time and location; commit to your intention in black-and-white by marking it down on your calendar; then try it!

Getting There

Amphitheaters may be known for hosting music concerts, but they also host gatherings unrelated to bands onstage - like Yoga on the Rocks - an immensely popular summertime activity that brings thousands of visitors together for an hour of meditation and breathing exercises.

Red Rocks can be difficult to access for yogis on weekends as its parking lot fills quickly, so arriving early to an event is important so that you can park and find a spot.

Once your class has ended, stick around to take in the scenic views and 70 million-year-old rock formations. If you get peckish, head to either Golden +49 Cidery & Pub or Ace Hi Tavern for food and beverage offerings. Afterward, explore hiking trails surrounding the amphitheater - perhaps take some time for mindfulness and breathe deeply of that fresh mountain air which you are more than a mile high!


Yoga on the Rocks returns this summer at Morrison's iconic venue to give yoga practitioners an outdoor yoga experience! Hosted by local studios CorePower Yoga and The River alongside Love Your Brain and Yoga Foster, all proceeds from sunrise power vinyasa classes at Yoga on the Rocks go towards supporting these non-profits.

Prior to practicing yoga, it is crucial that a sufficient supply of water be available in order to avoid dehydration and maintain energy levels. A light snack like fruit, nuts or even granola bars may also prove helpful - it is advised however to refrain from eating anything too heavy or greasy as these will limit performance levels during practice.

After attending a Bikram yoga class, refuel with a meal that provides lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs - for example: turkey sandwich on whole grain bread; quinoa bowl with grilled chicken and vegetables; or green smoothie with nuts as options.


Yoga on the Rocks provides yoga practitioners an incredible experience at one of Colorado's most stunning venues, where natural acoustics of rocks create an intimate setting that can accommodate thousands of yogis!

Yogis should allow enough time in their schedules to arrive early at their event venue and find parking, chat with other yogis and set up their mat in plenty of time before relaxing by the fireplace. This will enable them to fully take in the experience.

At any yoga session, it is also advisable for practitioners to bring water and wear clothing that allows for free movement. Furthermore, yoga students should make sure to clean up after themselves after class - any sweaty mat should be wiped down prior to leaving and any props they used stored away securely in a baggie before leaving the yoga space.


Yoga on the Rocks offers participants a great place to find calm in nature while receiving personal assistance from instructors to develop and refine their poses. Classes are held in small groups, and teachers rotate among them providing assistance and guidance.

Tickets have sold out every season since this event's inception and tickets continue to sell fast. Two yoga studios take turns hosting the events each month with rotating instructors as hosts; attendees use an app that enables quick and easy digital ticket access as well as providing fans with safe platforms to transfer, sell or buy tickets between fans in an official fan-to-fan marketplace.

Visit one of the world's most astonishing venues from a unique viewpoint with Downward Dog! All participants must sign a liability and release waiver printed on their ticket, so make sure you bring this with you.