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Phish concerts can feel like attending a hippie commune; their loyal following encompasses everything from funk grooves to faux-bluegrass sounds.

Trey Anastasio's guitar playing recalls Jerry Garcia while still possessing its own unique sound and style, from chunky to jazzy. Alongside Jon Fishman on drums and Page McConnell on keyboards he maintains an active side project.

Additional Phish Info

Who is Phish?

Phish is a band whose name has become a synonym for music enthusiasts worldwide. Their concerts are known for memorable music performances, entertaining concert antics and "insider" jokes only understood by attendees of regular shows.

Recording their shows was encouraged, leading to an elaborate fan economy of trading tapes and later streaming files online.


Phish's musical improvisations often take on a life of their own, creating an electric atmosphere in the audience. Drawing inspiration from rock, jazz and funk traditions as well as electronica elements and freeform improvisation techniques, Phish create their signature sound using elements from all these genres in its approach to performance.

Phish has earned its place among concertgoers by cultivating an extraordinary connection between musicians and audiences at shows; their mutual admiration fosters an atmosphere of community at performances, perhaps leading to so many people dedicating themselves to Phish.

With no radio play or MTV attention, this band has built an incredible following through word of mouth alone. Their emphasis on live performance, combined with an improvisational style that is unrivaled elsewhere, have propelled them into one of the country's top-drawing bands.

While Phish is known for their constant touring schedule, each member also maintains multiple side projects. Guitarist Trey Anastasio participates in a jazz-mandolin project; drummer Page McConnell performs with Jack Black's Tenacious D; bassist Mike Gordon leads his own funk group; while Phish has even ventured beyond music with their very own Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor named Phish Food!


Phish is well-known for their musical improvisation and extended jam sessions that mix genres seamlessly. Additionally, they were pioneers in concert-going, encouraging their fans to record and share shows among each other while most bands discouraged such behavior.

Phish was established at the University of Vermont in 1983 by guitarist Trey Anastasio, bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Jon Fishman forming a trio. Following an answer to an advertisement seeking members for this group on a wanted poster page, keyboardist Page McConnell joined and their name became Phish.

Their music draws from folk, rock and blues traditions while their live shows are psychedelic celebrations of free-form improvisation. Covering songs by major rock acts from The Beatles to Ween to Stevie Wonder; as well as crafting original compositions spanning up to 18 minutes long!

Trey Anastasio, guitarist extraordinaire, can switch between blues-rock and jazzy melodies seamlessly. He has been likened to Jeff Holdsworth, David Gilmour and Tom Scholz of Boston but truly stands out with spacey delays and echos that make a mark all his own. Keyboardist Page McConnell adds another distinct note; few rockers use grand pianos as lead instruments like they do!


Phish is one of the world's premier jam bands, rivaling even that of Grateful Dead. Although their music can be found on albums and at live shows alike, to experience true Phish music at its peak requires being present at one. Live shows bring out Phish's best performance; filled with upbeat improvisational music that often becomes dark at times but remains generally upbeat and enjoyable; playing covers but also performing many original tracks with props, light shows and crowd participation always included!

Phish was one of the few rock acts who challenged traditional rules of fandom in the late 1990s by encouraging fans to record their concerts, at a time when many bands discouraged tape trading. This created a network that enabled sharing shows among fans, leading to an active economy of trading tapes and later music files over the Internet.

As well as their extensive touring schedule, the band has also been active with charity work. They've worked extensively with Make-A-Wish Foundation and donated money to children-related causes. Furthermore, they've performed in concerts alongside other musicians - from jamming 20 minutes with Neil Young at Coney Island concert to singing duet with Jay Z at one concert!


Phish's music provides more than entertainment; it provides a space for meaning-making as well. Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl's theory of meaning-making emphasizes assigning value or meaning to one's experiences. For many fans, Phish lyrics serve as their own personal language: Joey Wall writes on Facebook that Phish "s pounded, plucked and caressed notes render their own words."

Concerts by this band are typically filled with humor and audience participation in group dance moves, such as when Trey Anastasio sings in "The Line." Although his lyrics refer to a Memphis college basketball player missing crucial free-throws, the song actually explores ways of managing failure while remaining positive and hopeful.

Phish fans share in a kind of mutual admiration society among themselves that creates an intimate community. They understand stories and jokes only familiar fans would understand about the band such as silent cues from band members to indicate turns or drops during concerts - these little details add up to create its own private club-like environment that make phish culture so memorable to fans while keeping it apart from mainstream music media who tend to see it more as novelty act than art. Phish has done well maintaining its strong following while remaining private so far - thus maintaining its fan base while keeping its identity safe while remaining free from mainstream media scrutiny which tends to treat it like novelty acts. By keeping away from mainstream music media which treats it like novelty they have managed to maintain its passionate fan base without risk associated with more public life!