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Illenium Details

ILLENIUM is an American electronic music producer who has become one of the biggest names in electronic music. His unique mix of elements from different genres has earned him millions of loyal fans around the globe. His powerful voice and ability to convey emotion through his lyrics are what make him so popular. His live shows combine comfort and front-line lighting to create an energetic and dynamic show.

Additional Illenium Info

Illenium Is Ready For A New Chapter

Miller wrote all the lyrics for his most personal album to date - Ascend - which unlike previous projects was more focused on remixes than original compositions. His music never felt more personal before this release.

Few dance acts can fill arenas and stadiums like Illenium has. His concerts offer truly unforgettable experiences.

He’s a melodic bass producer

Illenium has gained attention for his melodic bass music for its powerful bass lines and emotive melodies, creating immersive experiences for listeners in his productions often enhanced by cutting-edge visuals and lighting effects. His productions have captivated audiences from San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to New York City Terminal 5 to Chicago Aragon Ballroom where audiences have attended his sold-out shows.

Melodic bass has quickly become a trend in electronic music, adding soft melodies to heavier genres like dubstep and trap. It has gained immense momentum within dance music circles and continues to gain ground with each artist contributing their unique style; producers like Flume, Odesza and Cashmere Cat have helped shape this future bass sound through their blend of bass-heavy synth lines with catchy melodies.

Nick Miller, known professionally as Illenium, has earned great renown as an EDM melodic bass producer since debuting his work. Now one of the most prolific EDM artists, his discography boasts more than two billion streams - giving him one of the biggest followings among electronic dance music producers and artists alike. Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals have featured his performances.

Illenium's music draws upon his love of rock as its foundation, creating dramatic sounds to match stadium performances. His latest release "Shades of Black," with vocalist GLNNA performing vocals and elements of dubstep and future house, was released via Circus Records, founded by Illenium himself.

Illenium's success is testament to his perseverance and his ability to connect with his fans. He has become a cultural icon and an inspiration to his audience, as well as being open about his personal struggles with addiction, which he overcame with help from family and friends. Recently he released a song that discusses this journey as well as music's healing powers; hopefully his music can inspire others toward healing and finding peace through sound healing.

He’s a live performer

Denver-based producer and DJ Chris Eberle has gained acclaim for captivating crowds with his massive production and unique musical style, which blends dance music with elements of rock, punk, and hip-hop. His openness and creativity has allowed him to collaborate with an eclectic group of artists; these albums connect through themes. His major projects include Ashes Awake Ascend - three thematically connected albums released over time that also serve as live audiovisual experiences onstage.

Illenium has an impressive track record as a live performer, having graced venues such as Red Rocks and Shrine LA with sold-out shows that are filled with energy and emotion - some of the most anticipated dance music events! His live shows remain some of the most anticipated events.

On his forthcoming tour, which spans across North America, Europe and Australia over 37 dates and will include both old and new material, each show will bring something different from him and his collaborators.

Illenium's latest album, Ascend, marks a dramatic advancement in his music-making process. Where previously he may have given vocalists themes that spoke directly to their lives before leaving lyrics up to them alone to write, in this project he used his personal experiences as the basis of song lyrics - thus creating an authentic experience not seen before in music.

Illenium has long championed life and love, so his album's title and artwork reflect this ideology perfectly. Previous collaborations include Jon Bellion and Excision; but this album goes even further than before.

While Illenium is best-known for his progressive and alternative EDM styles, he's not afraid to break boundaries by incorporating elements such as alternative, metalcore and pop punk into his music while remaining true to its dance-music roots that made him so well-known.

Illenium's debut release, Ashes, earned critical acclaim and reached iTunes' Electronic Album Chart's Top 10. His second album Awake reached number three and fourth release Fallen Embers reached #1; additionally, Illenium is often seen headlining major festivals like Electric Forest and Veld Music Festival as an established performer.

He’s a storyteller

Illenium has become a phenomenon through his music. With over two billion streams for his discography and 15 million monthly Spotify listeners combined and sold-out shows throughout North America, his numbers speak for themselves. But behind all those productions is an individual fighting addiction - and last summer Illenium released "Take You Down," an intimate song detailing his struggle with heroin addiction and then went on to release Ascend, his third full-length album.

He’s a visionary

Illenium has earned international renown as an innovative producer. His breathtaking productions -- which combine melodies and bass-heavy drops -- have won him fans around the globe and even garnered him a GRAMMY nomination. Now, this Denver DJ/producer is ready for his next chapter of musical discovery!

Nick Miller began life with an open mind, yet attending a Bassnectar show provided the final push to pursue his passion for music. After learning guitar and piano, he decided to attend music school in order to acquire more technical skills - this gave him time to expand his creative expression through dance music productions that included dubstep, melodic bass, and trap music genres among many others.

Illenium has not only released his own albums but has also produced remixes for artists like The Chainsmokers, Gryffin and Tori Kelly. Additionally, he has performed at sold-out concerts at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks among many others - his live shows featuring keyboard and drum pad performances complemented with cutting edge lighting effects and visuals.

Illenium's latest album, Fallen Embers, showcases his unbridled creativity even further. More personal than his previous releases and featuring talented vocalists from across the spectrum - Fallen Embers stands as testament to Illenium's continued pursuit of creating captivating music that embodies his distinctive vision.

Listeners of Illenium's record can expect an emotional journey through its sounds. His debut single "Take You Down," is an emotive tribute to his struggle with addiction - something which many fans of his have found moving and profound.

Illenium's music has touched millions, and his fans are known as "Illenials". These individuals share an extraordinary connection with him who transfers that energy directly into his performance space - with audiences going wild over slow-motion bass music head bangs and singing every word like it were addressed directly to them.