North Charleston Coliseum

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North Charleston Coliseum

5001 Coliseum Dr  North Charleston, SC Call usWhether you're a native or just in town for a couple of days, you can not get the real North Charleston experience without a trip to North Charleston Coliseum. Get fantastic prices on tickets for upcoming North Charleston Coliseum events at Have a look at all North Charleston Coliseum events listed, then click on the Buy Tickets button to buy the best tickets for you. 

Frequently Asked North Charleston Coliseum Questions

The North Charleston Coliseum box office stated the event I want to see is sold out. What should I do?

Do not be worried whether the North Charleston Coliseum box office says the event you want to see is sold out. Since our tickets come from reliable third-party  ticket sellers, often has tickets for sale long after the box office is out. Find your event over and determine what we have to offer!

I'm Visiting North Charleston and need a Hotel?

Search for Hotels near North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston at

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Do you have tickets to other venues in SC?

Yes, you can find a listing on the right side of this page. If you're trying to find other places in North Charleston or elsewhere in SC  then you can also follow the connection on our City Guides main page. You'll find a list of different cities and places at SC.

Do you provide any promo codes for North Charleston Coliseum tickets?

Absolutely! It's possible to find promo codes on celebrity and occasion pages. Enter them at checkout for additional savings on our already great tickets.

What if I purchase tickets to an event at North Charleston Coliseum which gets canceled?

If an event at North Charleston Coliseum is canceled with no rescheduled, offers a complete refund for the purchase price of the ticket minus shipping. We also offer insurance on our tickets in the event you can not create an event for personal reasons (restrictions apply). You may find more info about ticket insurance in checkout.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

You can get in touch with the North Charleston Coliseum box office directly, or contact at 1-855-855-6777 or by sending an email to We’ll do our very best to answer all your concerns regarding North Charleston Coliseum tickets or any other matters.