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YO-YO Ma is a cellist and a songwriter of the Chinese origin. He is popular to many people due to his outstanding creativity and has produced a lot of award winning albums. He was born in October 7, 1955 in France and he is an 18 times Grammy award winner. YO-YO attended the Juilliard School and thought out his adult life he still continued to excel. He has produced 75 albums and he has won 18 Grammy awards. Besides his music he has also served as an artistic director at the Silk Road project, an organization that seeks to promote various traditions. He is also remembered as a recipient of the presidential Medal of Freedom

Ma’s Young life

Ma’s journey to what he is today begun immediately he was born. His mother was a singer and his father was a composer and this gave him a good background in music. He was classically trained in Chinese songwriting and he was exposed to a variety of musical instruments at a very tender age. As he grew up more and more he got exposed to more and more music instruments. He begun playing the violin when he was a toddler and by the time he was turning 3, he was already introduced to the cello by his farther who had a strong vigor in making the best out of him. At the age of 7 Ma’s family moved to New York and at this time, he was already a young and a popular classical musician. He then joined the Juilliard School in New York and since he wanted to experience more than music, he later joined Harvard University where he studied anthropology.

Early career

After going through Harvard and successfully graduating, Ma was planning to shift professionally. This was however disrupted when he had to undergo a spine surgery due to severe scoliosis. For 6 months he was in a body cast and he was not allowed to play. Finally the surgery ended up as a success and immediately there was growing demand of people who wanted him to perform in concerts and shows.

Ma’s music career and discography

For decades now, Ma has built a big name in the music industry. His relentless pursuit for unique ideas in music has played a very big role in raising his classical music to a higher competitive edge and attracting great tides of audiences to him. He is also very extensive and he has a wide range of interests in different music genres. Over the years he has been in music he has done 75 albums. He has also worked with several big artists like Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan, Bobby McFerin and Mark O’Connor. For more than 30 years he has been a Sony recording artiste.

Other achievements

In 1998 Ma founded the Silk Road Project that seeks to bring together artistes and audiences around the globe together. In 2001 he was awarded the National medal of arts He has done a number of movie soundtracks and currently his music is on a great demand.

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