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During the 2015 MLB season, the Seattle Mariners placed 4th in the American League West Division. They won 76 games and lost 86 games. However, one of the most interesting developments was the change in management. After less than two regular seasons as manager, McClendon was fired and replaced by Servais.

The Seattle Mariners had something of an intriguing start. There had been another team—the Seattle Pilots—in the city, but they were moved to Milwaukee. The city of Seattle filed a lawsuit because this move constituted a breach of contract, and the city had just built the Kingdome, a new ballpark meant for the Pilots. In 1977, the Seattle Mariners were enfranchised in the West Division of the American League. The team was named with a contest. Fifteen thousand entrants submitted over 600 name suggestions for the team, and in August 1976, the Seattle Mariners was chosen.

The Seattle Mariners have played at Safeco Field since 1999, where some unique traditions have developed over the years. One such Mariners tradition is for Rally Fries. Apparently, a fan had been attempting to catch a foul ball and lost his French fries in the effort. Blowers, one of the team’s broadcasters, sent the fan free fries. The team rallied after that. Blowers kept sending fries to fans and every time he did, the team would rally. This tradition became known as Rally Fries. Another tradition centers on the pitcher, Felix Hernandez. A specific section of the stadium, devoted to him, is called the King’s Court—and it’s his personal cheering section.

During the 2016 MLB Spring Training, the Seattle Mariners placed 8th in the American League, with 16 wins and 14 losses. They earned a PCT of .533 and placed 12th amidst the 30 MLB teams during Spring Training. If you’d like to see them play during the regular season, or would like tickets to post-regular season games and events, is your one-stop source. We’ve got schedules as well as guaranteed tickets to get you to the game. Who knows—maybe you’ll even win some Rally Fries.