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See the 49ers at the New Levi's Stadium

After 43 seasons at the historic Candlestick Park, The San Francisco 49ers have a new stadium to call home. 4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way in Santa Clara is the new mailing address for the 49ers. Technologically advanced and innovative, Levi's Stadium is unlike any arena in all of sports.

Candlestick, which was publicly financed, cost $32 million. Levi's Stadium cost owner Jed York just under $1.3 billion, but the new home field is about one million square feet larger than its predecessor. That large price tag was money well spent, as Levi Stadium is ahead of its time technologically. No penny was spared when creating the new stadium and its incredible features.

68,000 seats, a 200 foot long scoreboard, and a 27,000 square foot green roof over the suites are only some of the lavish features you can see at Levi's. The stadium also features one-of-a-kind stackable suites to give fans amazing views of the game. The scoreboard is the 5th largest in all of football and the green roof features 16 different species of plants. Maybe one of the most amazing aspects of the new stadium is the 18,000 square foot solar terrace that houses 1,162 photovoltaic panels. This allows the stadium to achieve net-zero energy on game days, using only onsite created energy. Being a green stadium was a huge focus when building Levi. Even the Bandera Bermuda turf used for the field requires up to 50 percent less water than the typical turf in the Bay area. The stadium’s water will also be 85 percent recycled, even furthering the amount of water saved.

While being green was a major focus, technology was definitely a close second. Levi's Stadium boasts an in-stadium app that gives its fans high-speed connectivity and access to game info and real-time video. You can see in-game replays seconds after the play happens right on your phone, allowing you to see if both the receiver’s feet were in or not. You can use the app to order food right to your seats, so you never have to miss a play. If you do have to leave your seat, the app also uses GPS to let you know where the closest concession, bar, or restroom is so you can get to your destination faster. Since you will be using your phone a lot, Levi will even have charging stations in case your battery gets in the red!

Levi's Stadium is unlike any stadium ever built. While it focuses on being green, there were no corners cut when it comes to being technologically advanced. The 49ers new stadium gives fans a whole new experience on Sundays. If you are in the Santa Clara area, a trip to Levi's Stadium is a must!

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