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The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a show to remember. Not only is it a show that has a lot of history, but it’s a show that’s become a tradition for New York City. Now, you can get your own tickets to enjoy the Rockettes and Santa as they take the stage.

This Christmas show first had its beginnings in 1933. That’s when Radio City Music Hall presented lavish live stage shows along with the latest Hollywood feature films. On December 21, 1933, the Music Hall presented the Christmas show along with the RKO musical movie Flying Down to Rio and The Night Before Christmas, a Walt Disney Silly Symphony.

The Christmas show continues to be produced and choreographed by Leon Leonidoff and Vincente Minnelli through the early years of the Music Hall’s history. Then, Peter Gennaro and others took over producing the yearly show.

In 2007, the Christmas show celebrated its 75th anniversary. In order to celebrate, producers updated the show with an entirely new edition of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Under a brief time, it was one of the few shows playing in New York during a strike which closed most other Broadway theaters.

In 2011, the show received a reboot and was titled The Rockettes Magical Journey. It featured an updated 3DLIVE scene and new musical numbers. More specifically, the new shows focused on the Rockettes as they traveled through the Northern Forest to the castle of the Humbug King, who had stolen toys from Santa Claus’ workshop. In 2014, Julie Branam was hired as director and choreographer for the show. She removed the 3DLIVE scene and restored the number “Ragdolls.” She also added an updated subplot surrounding two young boys trying to find a Christmas present for their younger sister.

Now, you can enjoy the show that has lasted for over 80 years. Enjoy the Rockettes and Santa Claus in a show that rings in the holidays in style. Grab your tickets today.

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